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Monday, May 18th

Hello PE peeps hope all is well.  My family just returned from a glorious mountain getaway.  The weather was perfect and we even caught a few trout!  This week there are no new assignments just wrapping things up and counting down the quarter with missing assignments and extra credit.

ALL missing assignments and Extra credit MUST be turned in by Friday,May 22nd.  I will not accept any work after that.

Elementary Peeps
Some fun activities for all grades

Workout video for everyone

Weekly PE plan 1st one is for K-2nd grades and the second one is for 3rd-5th grades

I will be returning PE shoes to your teachers tomorrow.
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Wednesday, May 13th

I want all my girls and little peeps to know how extremely proud I am of each and every one of them.  Yes we have had some technical struggles but all in all we made it work.  There was no stopping us..our students and staff can hold our heads up high and know that we did our part.  

My heart goes out to my daughter and all the other seniors who missed out on their senior prom, spring sports, along with many other senior memories.  Things happen for a reason and this class is super strong and there were many learning lessons in this too.  I seen my own daughter open her heart up and take time to help those who are less fortunate.  She found that her gift and love of baking can make others happy and bring encouragement, to those that just need a kind word and a sweet treat. She learned how to manage her time, schedule and buy her supplies, as well as deliver her desserts. I am requesting special prayers for our senior class and their families.

6th-9th grade PE -please work on any journal…

Monday, May 11th

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed their time together.  I had an amazing Mother's Day myself.  Thanks so much for the prayers last week, I passed my kidney stone and do feel much better now.

I have graded and posted grades on renweb, so please check and see what you owe me.  I am accepting journals with no deductions through May 22nd.  So if you owe me journals or scavenger hunts you have a second chance to reclaim your "A, after that the zeros will become permanent and lower your grades tremendously.

Also, this Friday if you are failing my class all parents will be emailed.  This gives you ladies time to get your grade right before I bring in the troops.  If you are one of the ones who check renweb and have a grade for all assignments, congrats your done with the graded part of PE this quarter.  However, I need you all to stay active and if nothing else go for a walk 2-3 times a week.

This weeks 2 grades will be the two journals averaged together for their fi…

Monday, May 4th

Hello ladies wow what a gorgeous weekend we had. I am still working hard on getting those journals graded and posted so bare with me. 

PE classes -Scavenger Hunt Workout #2 is posted on google classroom

9th grade Health -assignment is on Google classroom

I am going to let yall do the same scavenger hunt that the others are doing.  Enjoy and maybe challenge a parent.  Always clean up any mess you make afterwards.

Here are some fun workouts for everyone.…

Friday, May 1st

Wednesday, April 30th

6th-9th PE
Today we are using as a make up day, I am continuing to accept journals so if you have not turned in please do so.  Also, complete and turn in your Scavenger Hunt.  If all your work is complete then take a walk outside and enjoy the nice weather.

9th Grade Health
Continue working on your Covid-19 power point presentations.  They are due Friday, May 1st.

Here is a complete calendar for the month of May for some fun daily activities.  Hope you enjoy them! Challenge a sibling or your parents.

Here is the updated week of daily activities for K-2nd grades.

Here is the updated week of daily activities for 3rd-5th grades.

PE with Joe is always fun and interesting, check him out. K-5th grades.…

April 27th

Hope everyone is well and I hope everyone had a restful weekend!

Guess what we are giving the journals a rest for this week.  I need a week to catch up on grading and posting them. We may return to them later on though. is not too late to turn in them for partial credit.  I am also extending the extra credit assignment to all who would like or NEED it.  My goal is to have all grades posted by the end of the week.  Thanks for your patience.

Monday Assignment
6th-9th grade PE classes -Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday Assignment
9th grade Health -Covid-19 power point project
6th-9th grade PE -get out and walk for 45 minutes

I am giving you guys the same challenge as my older students.  This week we are doing a scavenger hunt..challenge your parents to do with you!  Have fun with it!

I found a second scavenger hunt that is a little easier for K-2nd grades.  Enjoy it with a parent!