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Friday March 27th

OK ladies that was not fun for me.  I was so ready to see all of your smiling faces and Chapel was a total bust.  I tried with everything I had, along with Mrs. Deese and Mrs. Williams.  I want you all to know that I put the link up on Google classroom,.  You should take time today and watch it Skylar had an amazing message.

She talked about how God is present even in uncertain times.  I myself know some of you are worried about school classwork, some of your parents have been laid off or not working, and some of you are just stressed over the whole ordeal of being stuck at home.  I understand all that but maybe this is God's way of waking up families and saying "Hey you have a good thing here, do not take advantage of this situation..your family is important."  There is no practices or sports to run to and all our schedules have been toned down dramatically.

I miss you guys more then words can describe. I realize know that I myself even took advantage of our time togeth…
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Slight Change in Assignment PE

Hello girls after discussing with a few of my coworkers and watching my own child do her PE assignment today. I have decided to assign BOTH JOURNALS TO ALL CLASSES!  My reasoning behind this is the HYPE Journal only takes about 15 minutes and that is the lazy way! The Hype exercises are incorporated in the Fitness Journal under the Tabata Training block.  Good luck and have fun with this!  Love and hugs to all my girls.


!st period will have Chapel at 10 am on Friday. I will be posting a link early in the morning so make sure you join us. It should last about 15-20 minutes then I would like to talk and pray with my 6th grade girls on Zoom afterwards for about 10 minutes.

Zoom Office Hours
Zoom office hours are 3:00-3:45 pm on Mondays/Wednesdays

522-549-8772 Click Here for Zoom

Wednesday March 25th

Hope everyone is well.  I have already had numerous journal entries turned in for the week.  I think for the most part all my girl have picked the HYPE (dancing) assignment.  It is easy and fun.  However, please feel free to get out and do some running or walking, or any of the extra video links I posted.  I have some Zumba videos I will post tomorrow if anyone is interested in those too.  Be as active as you can be it will help your mind and soul stay positive.  And as always I am sending my love, hugs, and prayers to each of my sweet girls.

P.S.  Sorry I missed my Zoom meeting today I had a small emergency (a child throwing up in the bathroom at that time) I have decided to move my scheduled Zoom office time to Mondays and Wednesdays form 3-3:45. 

Chapel will be Friday at 10am on Zoom..more info in tomorrows blog

PE assignments for 4th quarter

Hope all is well with everyone. I spent all day entering grades along with entering everyone into their NEW google classrooms..yes all students now have a school email now.! So my big shout out this week goes to Mrs. Deese for getting that all arranged. 

Also, I have posted two assignments on all the Google classrooms.  Please make sure your child received an email or invite from me to their google classrooms. 

PE Assignment
Each student is responsible for one of the types of journals that I downloaded to their google classrooms.  I will check  their journals weekly, so please make sure your child fills it in on Fridays by 5 pm.  There will be 4 weekly grades taken along with the final turn in.

No they do not have to complete both journals..I gave them an option.  They are to pick one and go with it. Good luck and have fun with it!

I sure do miss all my sweet girls..take care & I pray we are all reunited before the end of the school year.  Much love and many prayers for all.

Here i…

A New Week

Good afternoon everyone I hope everyone is doing great.  I have an updated copy of the new and improved schedule. However, all my PE assignments will be posted on this blog so please continue to check daily. My 9th grade girls Health class needs to check their Google classroom every Wednesday for their assignments.

I hope to share some really good news with all my 6th-8th grade PE students tomorrow!

My zoom office hours are on Mondays and Thursdays from 1-1:30
522-549-8772 My email is as follows

New Schedule Times for Zoom Classrooms  
(SORRY I will not be doing any Zoom PE classes)

1st   -9:00-9:25
2nd  -9:30-9:55
3rd  -10:00-10:25
4th  -10:30 -10:55
5th  -11:00 -11:25
6th  -11:30 -11:55
7th  -12:00 -12:25

Mondays & Wednesdays: English, Math,yearbook, Health and PE, Spanish, and Humanities

Tuesdays & Thursdays:  Spanish, AG Science, Chorus, Bible, Science, History

Chapel on Wednesdays -time TBD

All classwork is due by…

How to Email videos

The number one thing I learned this week from virtual school was how to send a video from my phone to an email account.  Yes we shall all overcome this technology CRAZINESS together!  For example, when emailing a video make sure you attach the video before you send it.  Well it might sound easy but it can make a sane lady think ugly words..I'm just saying.  I think for the most part we have all accomplished this.  If any parents are having trouble with this just ask your kids for help..they got this.

Shout out to Brooke Singer, Meredith McLean, Madison Roberts, India Womack, Yuremi Pino for their dancing video. Also, I have received workout videos from Maci Hilliard, Madison Mashburn, and Brooke Singer. and Erika Sibbach.

ALL PE Classes -New assignments to be posted on Monday and Wednesday at 8 am on this blog.
9th Grade Girls Health -Need to check on their google classroom account for their assignments.

No School Monday -Teacher's Workday

Thanks again for all your patience and e…

Making Adjustments

Yes I have received some AMAZING videos so far!  However, I hear we are having some issues with sending some of the videos because they are to long.  Please no worries we will get it.  I am changing the time limit of your videos to be 1-2 minutes. Relax ladies and have fun with this project.  Prayers and hugs sent daily for each of you..enjoy this time at home with your family!

I want 6th-8th grade PE to please email them to  &
I want 9th grade PE to send them through the google classroom. 

I knew this video project would take time that is why it was not due until March 27th by 11:59 pm.

6th-9th PE Classes -Next weeks assignments for Monday and Wednesday will be posted on Monday morning so please make sure you check my blog.  There will be two options available and these assignments will be due on March 27th by 11:59 pm.

9th grade Health Class -Students need to check Google Classroom on Mondays and Wednesdays mornings for their assignments and due da…